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Doccol是一家美国生物技术公司,从解决生物研究中的实际问题开始。2004年,Doccol发现了实验性卒中研究的关键问题之一是卒中模型的质量不一致,因此通过提供标准化的封堵器,即硅橡胶涂层单丝,用于大脑中动脉闭塞(MCAO),为此提供了解决方案。这些MCAO封堵器深受中风科研人员的喜爱,并被命名为“MCAO缝合线"。 我们精致的硅橡胶涂层单丝是专门为诱导MCAO腔内灯丝模型而设计制造的,该模型已被广泛用于体内实验性脑卒中研究。使用 Doccol MCAO 缝合线诱导卒中模型将通过减少不全部闭塞和颅内出血的发生来提高模型质量。使用Doccol MCAO缝合线,您将能够实现高度一致的梗死以及低死亡率。除了认可的产品质量外,Doccol还为MCAO缝合线提供了种类繁多的缝合线,旨在满足中风研究人员的各种需求。多年来,我们的MCAO缝合线一直被中风研究人员优选用于诱导中风模型。据报道,使用Doccol MCAO缝合线诱导MCAO模型能够将梗死体积的标准偏差降低到其相应平均值的5%; 这种建模方法正在成为确保MCAO模型最高质量的新标准。欲了解更多信息,中国客户请联系美国Doccol在中国的总代理靶点科技。

2010年,Doccol注意到大多数实验室进行的微血管导管插入术对于血液检测和药物输送都不方便。这些“微导管"有一个需要针头连接的过渡管,当压力高时可能会断裂,并且可能会意外刺入操作员的手指,然后才能连接到合成器。这些导管也有很大的内部容积,必须处理才能输送药物。Doccol 提供专门设计的微导管,用于提高啮齿动物血液采样、药物输送、小流速液体转移和生理监测的性能、质量和生产率,其中需要侵入性血管通路。我们的微导管连接到工业标准的鲁尔锁或旋塞阀,因此消除了过渡管和针头连接,也大大减少了内部体积。Doccol 为所有常见部位的血管插管提供了足够的微导管选择,例如尾静脉、股静脉、颈静脉和臂静脉和动脉,以及颈静脉。

在Doccol多年来致力于中风研究期间,Doccol 还开始提供精心挑选的基本显微手术工具和设备,并于 2019 年开发了其不同的基于 Arduino 的 PID 温度控制器。这些工具和设备可确保您的实验性中风研究具有高质量和高生产率。

Doccol is a biotech company that started from solving real problems in biological research. In 2004, Doccol identified one of the key problems in experimental stroke research is the inconsistent quality of stroke models, and thence provided a solution for this by offerring standardized occluders, the silicone rubber-coated monofilaments,  for middle cerebral artery occlusion (MCAO). Those MCAO occluders  were liked very much by stroke reaearchers and given the name "MCAO sutures".  Our delicate silicone rubber-coated monofilaments are specially designed and manufactured for inducing the intraluminal filament model of MCAO, which has been widely used for in vivo experimental stroke studies. Using Doccol MCAO sutures for inducing stroke models will improve your model quality by reducing the occurrence of both the incomplete occlusion and the intracranial bleeding. With Doccol MCAO sutures, you will be able to achieve a highly consistent infarct as well as a low mortality rate. In addition to the super product quality, Doccol provides MCAO sutures with a great variety that was designed to meet the diverse demand from stroke investigators. For many years our MCAO sutures have been preferably selected by stroke investigators for inducing stroke models. Using Doccol MCAO sutures for inducing MCAO models has been reported to be able to reduce the standard deviation to 5% of its corresponding mean value as for infarction volume; and this modeling method is becoming a methodological new standard for ensuring the highest quality of MCAO models. For more information please read Doccol Made a Difference in Stroke Modeling.

In 2010, Doccol noticed that microvascular catheterization procedures performed in most laboratories are inconvinient for both blood testing and drug delivery. Those "microcatheters" have a transition tubing requiring a needle connection, which may break when pressure is high, and may accidentally puncture into the operator's finger, before it can be connected to a synringe. These catheters also have a large inner volume that has to be dealt with for drug delivery. Doccol offerred specially designed microcatheters for improving performance, quality and productivity in rodent blood sampling, drug delivery, small flow rate liquid transferring, and physiological monitoring, in which invasive vascular access is necessary. Our microcatheters are permanently connected to an industrial standard Luer lock or stopcock, therefore, eliminated the transitional tubing and needle connection and also dramatically reduced inner volume. Doccol provides sufficient choices of micro catheters for vascular cannulation in all common locations, such as the tail, femoral, carotid, and brachial veins and arteries, and also the jugular veins.

During years of our dedicated services in stroke research, Doccol also started to provide our carefully-selected essential microsurgical tools and devices, and in 2019 Doccol developed its unique Arduino-based PID temperature controllers. These essential tools and devices ensure your experimental stroke research with high quality and high productivity.

靶点科技(北京)有限公司(Target Technology (Beijing) Co.,Ltd.),成立于2016年,是由一群来自欧洲荷兰的留学海归和高校及研究所博士人员创办的生物高科技公司。公司基于四个平台技术TargoSome®(脂质体靶向技术),TargoChem®(化合物靶向技术),TargoAnti®(抗体靶向技术)和TargoNano®(纳米靶向技术),研发了靶向细胞的递送系统。



靶点科技始终秉承“Bench to Bedside"的出发点,“专业+专注+"的服务宗旨,以“Hit Your Target®"为目标, 竭力为客户提供“Proven and Published®"的一揽子综合解决方案,将为实现这一美好愿景而努力奋斗。




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